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Understanding contract law is just part of what makes our firm so effective when it comes to representing clients in contract matters. Creating written agreements requires an eye for detail to ensure that all parties’ intentions are accurately spelled out ahead of time, and so that your interests are adequately protected. The Law Office of Robert W. Ratish is a contract law firm in New Jersey and New York that can help.

We strive to tailor contracts to the needs of your individual business, making sure that written agreements are fair and protect your business from avoidable disputes. We work with clients to understand the individual needs and challenges of their business in order to write contracts, review contracts, negotiate contracts and defend contract disputes with a strategy custom developed with your business in mind. While some companies may cut costs by using cookie cutter form contracts, such contracts can lead to serious misunderstandings and omit important information that could be helpful should a dispute arise. The Law Office of Robert W. Ratish is a contracts law firm in New Jersey and New York that understands each business deserves its own personalized contracts.

We can help your business develop purchase-sale contracts, non disclosure contracts, contracts for services, contracts to protect your intellectual property, employment contracts, and many more. You may also need a contracts law firm in New Jersey and New York that can help you untangle disputes over contracts that are already in place. The Law Office of Robert W. Ratish can help you interpret the provisions in such contracts and, if necessary, help your company negotiate a new contract or defend its interests under the old one.

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    quotesWe have used Robert Ratish for general legal advice and for incorporating our business, a complicated process that he patiently walked us through. Now he is advising us on a possible small claims case. We can always reach him (!) and rely on his frank, honest guidance through some difficult times. If you want a reliable, honest man to call your counselor, the Robert Ratish is your man.

    – Benito, a New Jersey business owner

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