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When a corporate customer fails to pay an amount due, you need an aggressive, knowledgeable collections law firm. In New Jersey and New York the Law Office of Robert W. Ratish can help your business collect. When a vendor fails to deliver goods and services as promised but still demands payment, we can help defend your business from litigation. We have experience handling collections cases in New York and New Jersey. We have helped many clients recover money that they had previously written off. Our firm will work diligently with your company to collect on debts and save your company money.

Often times when money gets tight, business customers will refuse to pay amounts that they previously agreed upon, or attempt to re-negotiate the terms of an agreement that had already been resolved. When such challenges arise, a New Jersey and New York collections law firm like The Law Office of Robert W. Ratish can help.

We have had success representing clients in a variety of industries recover payments from customers that they otherwise would have been forced to write off. We start by gathering information on the debtor and formulating a plan to recover what rightfully belongs to your business. By drawing from our experience in handling collection matters in New Jersey and New York, we can help your business collect money that is rightfully yours.

We handle all stages of collections, and can help negotiate a settlement or, if necessary, pursue litigation. If we are ultimately successful in obtaining a judgment against the debtor, we will pursue the appropriate legal means of finding assets and recovering the amount your business is due.

The Law Office of Robert W. Ratish is a collections law firm in New Jersey and New York that can also help you avoid collections litigation by ensuring that your contracts adequately protect your business interests.

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    quotesWe have used Robert Ratish for general legal advice and for incorporating our business, a complicated process that he patiently walked us through. Now he is advising us on a possible small claims case. We can always reach him (!) and rely on his frank, honest guidance through some difficult times. If you want a reliable, honest man to call your counselor, the Robert Ratish is your man.

    – Benito, a New Jersey business owner

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