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Traffic Offenses

Traffic offenses can have serious repercussions with regard to your auto insurance and possible suspension of your license. Whether you are an individual who is concerned about the impact of traffic offenses on your insurance premiums, a professional driver with a CDL who needs professional advice on how to preserve your license, or a company that manages a fleet of drivers, the Law Office of Robert W. Ratish can help.

If you have an out-of-state license and receive a traffic summons in New York or New Jersey, you may need a local attorney who can handle the matter, often without requiring you to travel for a court appearance. The Law Office of Robert W. Ratish is a New York and New Jersey traffic offense law firm that can help you resolve traffic matters quickly and effectively.

The Law Office of Robert W. Ratish has experience handling a range of traffic related offenses, and can help achieve the best possible outcome. We will evaluate each matter individually and provide you with an assessment of your case’s strengths and weaknesses, then build a strategy that will take into account your goals, whether it is to avoid possible insurance premium increases or avoid unnecessary license suspensions.

If your license has been suspended and you are attempting to have it restored, if you have been charged with driving with a suspended license, or if you are attempting to clear up an old traffic matter that was never fully resolved, the Law Office of Robert W. Ratish can help.

Even if your license is not in danger, retaining an experienced New York and New Jersey traffic offense firm like the Law Office of Robert W. Ratish can help save you valuable time and money.

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    quotesAttorney Robert W. Ratish is a great lawyer. He is highly intelligent and very compassionate to his clients. He always returns messages promptly and is very patient in explaining strategy to his clients. If you or your loved ones have legal problems, you could not find a better lawyer than Robert.

    – Paul, a New Jersey appeals client

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